A couple of nights ago a friend asked me what I thought the new design trends were.  There’s a definitely interesting color scheme we’ll be seeing more of in fashion: pale pink or a color I’d call “face powder” with or without the accent of black.  I think of these pink colors as being predominant in the 1920’s or 30’s, the colors of lingerie and also boudoirs.  Years ago I collected many articles of clothing like dance pants and also bedspreads all made of silk in those beautiful pinks with a faint yellowish cast, the color of seashells.  You noticed it again in the 70’s when those fascinating hard to describe colors were around, misty mauves and strange pale greens.  Remember Sarah Moon’s photographs???  And now it’s creeping in again.  I wonder how interior designers are going to use it.  It’s not the bright blueish pinks we’ve been seeing over the past few years.

I also see a continuation of exagerated effects.  Lots of design is big, really big.  Look at all the wonderful costume jewelry around.  Sculptural looks to clothing with large silhouettes.  And I wonder if with the sudden consciousness of our over indulgence of the last few years we start seeing things in miniature:  small-scale prints, smaller furniture, slim silhouettes in clothing, marshal-scaled design.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more somber colors, something befitting the global, hunker-down mood.