As far as I’m concerned Michelle Obama can do no wrong-she has an unerring fashion sense. What a much ado about nothing re the Narciso dress on election night. She looked stunning and she knows how to send a message. Anais Nin, in one of her exhausting biographys, describes arming herself in a dress of red and silver in order to go forth and conquer. There’s dress for success and there’s dress with intent.

Mrs. Obama seems to be interested in pushing the envelope in terms of first lady appropriate fashion. She clearly loves to dress up and express herself with clothes and accessories, and she looks great because she is so clearly comfortable in what she has chosen. Clothes, as with interiors, always look right if they are expressing the personalities of those who wear them and live in them. The wonderful tightrope of simplicity and edginess is perfectly drawn, and seems to express Mrs. Obama’s love of drama and creative ideas with straightforward and clean silhouettes; there’s always a sense of fun and exploration that are artfully balanced.

What I also like is how Mrs. Obama’s clothes reflect a real confidence. She’s not being overly careful nor is she testing the waters of public opinion-she’s dressing for herself and clearly enjoying it. I’m thrilled and tickled to see this new fearless and glamorous role model come to such prominence and can’t wait to see all her new ideas as her style unfolds.