I am a very fortunate woman indeed. My husband who understands the better part of valor, has ceded the field long ago and left all house decisions entirely up to me. For better or for worse. I know he is somewhat (no, correction-entirely) discomfited with the Schiaperelli pink walls in the hallway of our 200 year old house on Cape Cod but he has learned that it’s a far far better thing that he holds his tongue.Last year I came upon this photo of a kitchen featured in British House and Gardens and was gobsmacked by the fabulous gramophone horn lighting. After finding our new house I was naturally obsessed with finding some gramophone horns of my own.

Nabbed two similar horns on French Ebay, struggled with many complexities dealing with unwieldy French postal system. One  day it arrived  in an enormous box. Huge and delightfully rusted-a gem!

Being a fan of the concept of the unfitted kitchen I’ve been looking at various salvaged cabinets to fit, or rather, not. These lovelies in the photo below left looked just the ticket. I could see covering the lower cabinets with a long group of simple curtains made from antique French bedsheets, the kind that

German Silver Sink

German Silver Sink

swoon from their sheer weighty drape.

Stored in my garage are two treasures that I have been saving for the moment when Mr. Right House came along; a German silver sink (another Ebay piece of serendipity) and a Quality stove from about 1915 or so, originally from a brownstone in New York but purchased  in a local thrift shop and restored to a fare-the-well of black and white enamel, nickel, and some accents in brass.

We’re in and the deconstruction party begins!