Detail from a Chinese Reverse Painted Mirror from the Art from Antiques Collection by Susanne K. Williams

My adorable husband  shall be called Mr. Right unless he forgets his Faustian bargain with me, and then, perhaps, he shall become, for a very brief while, Mr. Not Quite Always Right.  I  look forward to making his  home office as dark and booklined and handsome as a gentleman’s club in Pall Mall. But for the library I’d like to create an alternate vision : I’m thinking black as the predominant color with touches of turquoise, teal, orange and green inspired by this divine detail taken from a 19th century Chinese reverse-painted mirror. I can already see his green leather reading chair and ottoman ready by the fire at one end of the room, and a projection screen set up for countless comfortable hours of Netflix viewing.   A small wet bar cum refrigerator is in the plans. It’s only what he deserves.