View I

View 2

As one can deduce from photos in the previous post and this one the dining room requires a discerning eye to see past the now firmly jettisoned wallpaper( ick! see View 2)  and 70’s Victorian sconces stuck into the classic molding. Ideas have been flooding in and this is what I’ve determined I would like to do to.

I had long admired a huge silver painted ornate mirror at a friends’ house nearby.  They have since moved and that mirror has been stored for a long time, too big to fit their new house.  In my mind’s eye that mirror was HUGE and when I asked if the mirror was for sale I suffered a bit of agita while I waited to hear the dimensions.  But my particular house god was smiling on me that day and the mirror turned out to be the exact width of the mantel and height, well, that was perfect too as it will reach all the way to the ceiling.  But now, there’s the problem of the molding protruding above the mantel, see in particular View I on the left.  My contractor figured out the that molding could be nicely recycled and fit the top portion of the missing molding on the wall (again see View I).   Amazing !

That patched up wall closed up a former sun porch;  the newly enclosed breakfast room is on the other side.

Back to another architectural detail and another look at the southern end of the dining room:

That big radiator is going to be deleted thanks to the soon to be installed radiant heat. This will allow a French door leading to the outside in place of the middle window.

This beauty was found at a wonderful reclamation resource,  Olde Good Things,  the source for my apothecary cabinets.  They were able to come up with a single door that was high and wide enough for the space.  And why would I want to do this?  I think it will give the dining room a greater feeling of openness, and a graciousness, as if the room were flinging it’s arm out to the great outdoors.