Although the dining room has very little priority in terms of immediate decoration, I am finding it very easy to nail exactly my direction for finishes and fabrics.  Sadly, too easy because I love the process of decorating so much that I long for the choices to be a bit more of a challenge!

So-Back to this old picture.  What started to make the whole design self-evident, and almost inevitable, was the discovery of the perfect wallpaper to use in the frieze that wraps around the room above the paneled molding.  The molding will be painted a perfect creamy white with some luster to it.

Lorca’s Gattopardo Wallpaper in black is dense and tactile due to its being flocked. The slightly metallic charcoal of the ground is a perfect foil to the velvety flock.

I puzzled a bit about the treatment for the ceiling.  I always knew it should be black but how?  Another smaller patterned black wallpaper?  I’m going to simplify the whole matter by painting the ceiling, beams and all with a black metallic paint from Modern Masters Metallic paint collection. There are a couple of charcoals they carry that seem to be washed in mica; not sure if the glitter will show up as mica on the ceiling but a bit of glint will do.

The swinging door that connects the dining room and the kitchen (top photo on left) will be padded and covered with a metallic/poly fabric by Anzea, a fabric company that makes the most delicious faux fabrics.

Linette in Silver Silver, by Anzea

As a decorative touch it would be lovely to put a push plate on the door in a brass finish to echo the silver and gold finishes of the Valerie Wade lamp.

I could drone on about the about the furniture and curtains etc. but I suspect my readers’ patience for  the dining room is probably quite exhausted.  I’ll be back in a few weeks with the rest of the decisions.