Even though my daughter is a thoroughly independent young adult with a  job and apartment I still harbor the idea of having her around as much as possible.  Towards that end I’ll attempt to lure her with food and a lovely room overlooking the swimming pool.  And feeding this fantasy is a bit of Our Daughters, Ourselves-making the room as an IDEA of a daughter’s room, a daughter’s room say from between the wars in a comfortable English house.  Something for us both (yeah, who am I kidding?!!!).  Her room and my son’s room have been carved out of a larger space to fit in the new bathroom between them, the bathroom of the Ming green sink and toilet.  The rooms are now identical in size with a hallway that opens left to her room, right to my son’s and center to the bathroom.  A  sweet little Jack and Jill situation.

Swan Lake

I’m going to paper the walls with a new Nina Campbell paper called Swan Lake.  I fell in love with it in this particular hue.  Thrillingly, there is a companion fabric; how’s THAT for a fabulous nostalgic look. On both the paper and fabric the silver color (look closely at the trees) are actually metallic; on the fabric the silver has even a glittery look.  I love how the pattern is reeking of nostalgia but has a sly modernity to it.

I’ll be using a turn of the century white painted faux Louis bed that I bought for $25.00 in the 70’s and a couple of assorted  vintage tables I’ve picked for their splendid shapes and wonderful white painted finishes.

There are also two cool old chairs, one dating from my childhood, a real Little Miss Muffet slipper chair and the other another white faux Louis piece ( so beloved by Ogden Codman, Edith Wharton, and ME).  To view the best of this charming species of furniture  take a tour of the cottages in Newport, R.I.  The  bedrooms are filled with great examples. Somehow they speak to the fancy French side of things with a distinct cottage accent. Lastly there will by an item that’s always included in both my and my daughter’s decor, a dressing table.  When she was a small child I loved the fact that she called her dressing table her “beauty desk”.

Beauty desk plus Louis and Little Miss Muffett chair

So where to use that matching fabric?  Not sure I want to smother the room with matchy/ matchy.  But the beauty desk could surely look fab with billowy curtains of Swan Lake.  I also love the idea of valances on the three wide windows in her new room, so old-fashioned but yet could  catch what Nina Campbell did so remarkably well with her Swan Lake pattern, tweaking the frumpy with a wink.