The Stove and what will be its final resting place

I’m an unabashed old stove nut. I’ve found two for myself and scored others for friends. And there have been others still I’ve met in passing, that are, I’m sure, long gone but not forgotten, and never by me. For instance, how could I forget the aqua blue mid- century model with the oven control a replication of a speedometer, still housed in the original aqua kitchen.

Many years ago there was a behemoth of a stove parked inside the entrance to a fabulous thrift store, tragically gone. Clearly very old, I was told it came from a brownstone in Manhattan. I already had a six-burner Magic Chef but this was too amazing to pass up and if I wanted to buy it I had to get it out of there, quick. I found a genius stove restorer, David Erickson,  in Massachusetts and he came and fetched it. A couple of years later he had finished restoring it, and brought it to my garage where it has resided for a couple of years,  waiting to be installed in the new house.

The stove is a joy to behold.  Dave had re enameled it in luscious black and white, applied nickel plating and added as a touch or whimsy, brass controls. I love the brass touch;  now I’m wildly researching polished brass faucets for the sink.  Mixes of metals can work so well together, and I love the thought of the patinated copper gramophone ceiling lights contrasting with the gleaming bits.