For those of you who have never encountered the wallpapers and fabrics of Neisha Crosland you’re in for a treat.  I stumbled upon her store, then in one of the nether pockets of design that seem to be planted around London. She could only be English;  you could say that there’s a bit of a 20’s influence, perhaps some nod to the 40’s or even to the 60’sbut really she’s a true English designer, galloping off to her own delightful drum roll.

I just love English design in all its forms and all its eras:  there’s almost always hints of irony, informality, a carelessness, a drunken quality of design in free fall that is beholden to no one.  So different from our American dogged adherence to good taste.

Good taste in the US sometimes seems to have become another acolyte of fundamentalist religion.  Austerity, uninformed adherence, and a herd mentality seems to deform our design sense.

To the left are some of the Mauny wallpapers I’m considering.  First contender is the teal parrot paper but I’m starting to lean towards the green parrot with the mauve background.  I like the possibilities of using that wonderful green.  Pictured below is Neisha’s Moire Lurex which in person looks metallic silver with flashes of green.  Might be quite interesting covering the seats and backs of these 50’s Thonet-like chairs.

The scheme would be too sick-making ( I quote Evelyn Waugh) if the fabric were really this green.

More examples of Neisha’s unabashed aesthetic:

Hand-Painted Silk