Definitely, not yet, a pretty picture

At One End
And at the Other End

These were two small bedrooms, one hogging the fireplace.  With great good fortune the engineer discovered  that the stars were aligned and that the beams were running in a propitious manner.  It was no big deal to tear down the long wall between them to create a long elegant rectangle of a room.

On the left side of the right photo I’ll put the sectional sofa I had made some years ago for lallygagging about while we watch TV and I’ve determined that we’ll have a projection TV system with as big a screen as feasible for the geometries of the room, possibly  using simply and elegantly a piece of canvas applied to the wall as the screen.

On the other side of the room, lying languidly in front of the fire in the picture on the left  I’ve settled a beautiful long chaise I’ve had by a triple window in our current master bedroom. I love the idea of covering it with Designers Guild’s Maitland Nabucco, a velvet with a cut pile in the pattern of alligator.  The colors are a dream of lushness.  Hard to choose…maybe mix the black and the lime green.

The Long Chaise

Long Chaise

Designers Guild Maitland Nabucco-Too Beautiful to Make a Choice

Adding to the my fantasy mix is a Victorian ceramic mantel that could be a devastating coup-or not.  How would it look to substitute that big beefsteak of an existing mantel with this?

Simply Irresistable?

Shiny pitch black enamel paint walls and bookcases, a great backdrop for all this?

NB-To all those lovers of over-the-topness with high notes of post modern cool- get to know the work of Tricia Guild, the brilliant designer behind Designers Guild.