I’m taking a bit of a risk since I don’t know anyone who has used this stuff but I’m planning to stain every floor in my house using it.  I’m attracted to the fact that it is extremely environmentally friendly (not VOC’s) and that it’s applied in one coat. No polyurethane is needed to coat. The stain is pretty impervious to water and should the floor be scratched, the stain is simply applied over it.  No need to sand the floors again.  I’ve been admiring the dry-look floor recently, heaven knows why, but I’m finding it rather elegant and understated. Monocoat by itself produces no sheen, but was can be applied if that’s what you’re after.  I’ve chosen a color we’ll produce by mixing the mahogany and walnut stains, a wee bit heavier on the browner walnut side.

Wish me luck!