Dorothy Draper table base

Now this is something else.  Pretty exotic, huh?  The base is made of aluminum, for heaven’s sake!  I’ve declined to take the glass top. It  will be interesting to see what will work instead.  Perhaps an oval top, covered in aged copper, possibly in zinc.

I think this table base  paired with the mauve Mauny wallpaper* cum  olive parrots could delectable.  And quite hysterical.  A mix in metaphors!  Could be so wrong it could be right.

Somehow, I can see the 50’s Thonet style chairs** working with it as well.  Painted something or other, don’t know yet, but with olive wool upholstery. It remains to be seen what alchemy will work when the wallpaper is up and the furniture assembled.  Would I want to spray paint the chairs a metallic?  Or am I going metallic c—-razy!

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