As if the German silver sink were not lovely enough, Walter, the genius of antique plumbing has come up with the most beautiful all-in-one sink faucet, and he’s as chuffed about it as I.

These are Walter’s photos showing the faucet’s top and bottom. The faucet is from the 1890’s, as smart as the brass buttons on a Victorian fireman’s uniform.  And entirely ingenious.

The handles on the two sides at the bottom are for hot and cold. And I’m not sure what each of the other two single valves are up to but clearly one is for the spray and the other for the goose neck.

Four holes on the sink deck in front of the back splash are in mysterious pattern that doesn’t  conform to where I’d like to put this faucet or any other I might use.   My guru Walter suggested that I find an old brass door kick to cover up the flat expanse.  I’ve found quite a nice appealing one that’s new and shiny.

I do love the fuddy-duddy black utility hose for the spray!

I learned today from Walter, his plumbing highness, that because these silver sinks are flat on bottom they need to be canted ever so slightly for the water to flow perfectly towards the drains.  Who knew that plumbing fixtures and the execution of plumbing could be such an art form?