In my pre-married days I was a passionate laundress.  I learned the arcane skills of couture dressmaking and concomitant with learning how to prepare a hem and make a dart were the skills of washing fine fabrics and ironing properly.  Besides a regulation size ironing board one needed such tools as a a much smaller board for ironing collars and such and also a rounded muffin like tool for ironing shapes, such as darts in blouses.  And the art of handwashing was profoundly impressed on me.

In our almost sold house I grabbed a small closet on the second floor for the laundry room rather than putting it in the deep dark dungeon of the basement. It has a sink, nice Maytag washer and the most divine dryer, heaven for the hand laundry crowd (don’t all raise your hands).  It’s by Maytag and it’s called the Maytag Neptune Drying System.

SO not for everyone that I believe they may have discontinued it.  The bottom cabinet is a normal ole front loading dryer but the top steam cabinet-OOH LA LA!  Just look- the gentle steam heat simmers inside the cabinet and carefully dries your sweaters, baseball hats and Hanky Panky thongs. You can do two things at the same time, tumble and steam.

Also in my laundry lineup is an Ironrite Mangle #85.

For the laundry lunatics only- but how else can one iron natural fiber sheets at home, let alone those great big tablecloths?

In case you’ve been wondering about the nun praying and laundering-as I discussed the laundry room with a wonderful friend of mine she remembered a wallpaper done by an artist friend of hers named  Liz Shepherd.  I’ve contacted her and I’m hoping that her wallpaper will be the crowning touch!